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The Right Time - In Private Collection

About The Right Time:

"I had a thought just before my brush hit this canvas that waiting for the perfect time/inspiration to paint is completely redundant. Every minute of every day is the perfect time for anything. Perfect doesn't always feel that way but it always is. After expressing this thought to my now former wife, I asked her what if god had waited for the 'perfect time' to create the universe. Would it have even happened? She asked if I really believed that the creation of the universe was a conscious thing.

I said that it didn't really matter whether it happened that way or not because my puny mind couldn't possibly answer that question and was therefore at liberty to make believe anything it wanted.

It's interesting how this string of thoughts relates to the painting because it seems to me that there is something in the upper left corner 'injecting' the potential for existence in to whatever it gets injected in to and the purple flower like thing feels like the 'big bang'. As the images travel towards the right side of the canvas it seems to very loosely represent the development of life on earth.

Of course the universe is infinitely larger than the earth but I'm kind of stuck in an earth-centric point of view right now."