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About Rhinelphant:

"I created the line-work for each of these panels separately and with what seemed like completely different intent; however when I placed them side by side all of the major lines intersected perfectly with each other and I realized they were two parts of the same piece. If that isn't proof of subconscious intent, I don't know what is!

The figures on the left are a large, almost Indian styled elephant with a smaller, simpler one underneath as well as a number of birds (one of which strikes me as a dodo) and a lemur. The shapes then morph very clearly in to a rhinocerous-like face which then butts up agains a very strong, almost immovable symbol, backed by a couple of flag posts.

The feeling I get is the symbol and flag posts have something to do with an evolutionary line that must be crossed in order for me to continue my journey. A possible interpretation in relation to this feeling and according to common symbolism is the elephant might be about letting go of the past and the rhino about forging ahead while the lemur is about unconscious thoughts trying to come to the surface and the birds about hopes and dreams, with the dodo in particular being about symbolic death."