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About Residue:

"This came after staffing a men's weekend. Its roots are in the initiation of males in to manhood, regardless of age. It's about helping men to take an honest look at their shadows and embrace their true power in the world as protectors, creators, lovers & warriors for that which makes it a better place. It is a fantastic process and one that I can't begin to describe the brilliance of.

Every weekend completed is a weekend that makes the world a little bit safer and a little more honest by a handful of courageous men.

Part of the processes involves intense work and the creation of space for the release of deep hurts. As a staff member, no matter how much of a 'shield' I put up, there is always the residue of other men's pain, shame, sadness, joy, love, hatred, guilt, confusion and anger. It's like a minute scarring of my spirit from the weekend's work that I embrace and wear as a badge of honour for doing the work that I do.

It is the wounds of battles hard fought and won to make our world a better place."