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About Red Dragon & The Raven:

This came after my first men's weekend with the Mankind Project of BC. I went in to it with the question "what does it mean to be a man?". I came out with a crystal clear answer. I can hardly begin to describe the descent and ascent that was this weekend but for me I will say that it definitely turned my world on end and I'm eternally grateful for it. (Addendum 2022: I look back on this weekend and see that it was probably the single most transformative event in my entire life. I feel the echoes of it every single day). I am more prepared than ever to fight for the genuine in all of us. To fight for authentic relationships and communications that transcend our petty wars of gender, age, class, colour, borders, religion & politics.

Whenever I've contemplated the divine masculine, I've seen an image in my minds eye of a massive, impervious mountain; imovable in its strength and conviction. This New Warrior weekend as part of my personal journey, I got to see one of the energies that lives within it: an enormous red dragon. This energy feels reptilian, it is pure creative force and it doesn't live in the world of questions and quandaries of good vs. evil or black vs. white, it simply is and therefore it works with me or against me, depending on whether it is energized by light or shadow.

I think the Raven in the picture is an energy that goes deepest of all. It is the wisdom and the check-valve that directs the dragon energy and holds it accountable to the greater purpose. Together, these energies create unstoppable change.