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About Making Space:

"This is my first completed piece of 2012. It felt like a real divergence from the path I was on at the end of 2011; however, it seemed necessary to open up a space for 2012.

I layed the entire foundation of it with my eyes closed, only opening them to find anchor points and to see where I was on the canvas. It was an interesting exercise as there was a distinct difference in my line work between the two modes: With my eyes open, I find that I want to push forms that I recognize, there is less flow and more desire for control. With my eyes closed, I find that the brush moves with a fluidity and independence that is nothing like the eyes open version. It also prevents me from putting too much information in to the piece. I find that at times I feel like I somehow need to fit as much in per square foot as I can so as to 'maximize' my projection of perceived value.

I like that I don't really have a story for this one; that it is entirely up to the viewer to discover what it holds for them. For me, this piece is entirely about the power and suggestion of shape and colour and I invite the viewer to consider the whispers that arise in contemplating this piece and then to ask who is whispering."