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About Kekaha Kai:

"I painted this just after returning from a family trip to Hawaii. It was glorious and trying and I had some of the most mind blowing moments of my life while we were there.

This piece has some monkey trees of the Kekaha Kai state park on the big island in the background and a heavily polynesian influenced set of symbols surrounding it. In particular, the white infinite loop twist was a direct pull from the myth of the Polynesian peoples. We'd met a carver named Ben there (he hails from Tonga) and after some discussion with him about where I was at, he suggested a piece for me that looked just like this.

It represents the union of masculine and feminine and it strikes me as the equivalent of the Polynesian yin yang.

This is a new style for me; I've never stepped in to this place before and I'm excited about where I'm heading. What occurred to me most strongly when contemplating what I'd created was the juxtaposition of the viewer and the viewed. I'm presently working on grasping how I define what I see and on a deeper level, what I am not seeing. I have a specific frame or filter that I look out at the world with and it seems my ability to manipulate my perceived reality is very powerful. I can create a visual and perceptual sense of the world that backs up my inner world perfectly.

This is both fascinating and terrifying because at the same time that I can force how I see in to whatever box works at the time, I also have no idea what is actually happening in the world. So I am presently in a state of wondering what I'm missing."