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About Designer Tempest:

"I was in one of the blackest moments of the past year when I started this canvas.

The energy flowed and the shapes developed with little struggle and I stepped away from the foundation satisfied and feeling sightly better for having given a voice to these shadows. They had been tearing me up at the time and were nothing short of the invisible claws of a tempest.

I far too successfully left the residue of it on the canvas.And so began my sojourn to completion that was fraught with every block I could subconsciously conceive of. The yellow/gold area got changed and repainted five times. The colour sequence that I'd developed during one of my colour sessions was one that I was not comfortable with in any way. I would start and stop in record short times. The three dimensional aspects I've been trying to develop refused to come forth unless I forced my hand.

When I was about 3/4 of the way through, I left to staff a men's weekend and returned so full of life and love and courage to face my demons and my shadows that I was able to stand up to this piece and finish it in an afternoon. I must say, though, that It was a very uncomfortable afternoon. I was full of doubts as I worked. I just wanted to give up. A few end of summer flies had made it in to my working space and were randomly landing on my arms, my neck, my face. Irritating tickles that were too quick to catch. I felt pins and needles; random breaks of sweat. I've never before had to deal with this kind of experience in painting.

I was going to just file this piece in the storage room as soon as it was done, but I put in on my wall instead because I have a new goal, a new vision for completion of my process. The vision is to not only witness my darkness, my struggles, my shadows, the parts of myself I want no one to know about including myself, but also to love them so deeply they no longer feel alone; like rivers of water and cleansing rains that allow forests to grow where only parched broken earth once lay."