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About Chrismageddon:

"I get weirded out about how my process works because so much of it occurs on at a level that I can't comprehend. Sometimes, like with this painting the commands are extremely clear & irrefutable:

"Put a rabbit here, put spider hydras here, put a tiger here, put an elephant here, put a freaked out monkey here, put a dodo bird here and make sure it is gazing adoringly at the tiger and looks kind of dim. The elephant needs to be eating something.

Put clouds in here, wait, I mean trees. Ok, make the lower portion look fiery, then greens and a deep blue sky." I step back and can't help but think of armageddon.

The Green Man looks out from under the tiger; he is being consumed. What choices does he have? The spider hydras are laughing and mirrored under ground by the flowers above. The monkey is terrified even as he wields his weapon. The white tiger challenges.

And then I see.... "That which gives light must endure burning." (Viktor Frankl). I am sad to let go, the old paradigms cry for deliverance. I cry with them."