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About Aqua Soup 2:

"Creating art is such a complicated and messy thing. For me there is no more vulnerable endeavour than to dig around in the chaotic soup of my internal world and then try to interpret it with form and colour in an external way. In doing this I allow the viewer to judge my process and ultimately me.

There is a power exchange that occurs in this and a tendency I must fight as I am in the act of creation is that I withhold what is actually going on out of fear of whether the viewer can 'handle' it or not. Or to withhold what is actually going on because I judge it might create discomfort in the viewer or, ultimately, to withhold what is actually going on for me because I desperately need the validation of others because somewhere along the line I picked up the idea that I didn't matter.

I look around me and see a constant fight to uphold the image of a generic, safe, white-washed variation of life and I just don't want to add to it anymore. Sometimes I feel broken on the surface, but that doesn't mean I need fixing. There is beauty, honesty and vulnerability in the mismatched pieces that make up my internal world."