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About Anger Games:

"I've thought a lot about anger over the last little while; what faces it has, how it chooses to come out, what its overall effect is. There seems to be two variants: destructive and constructive.

When I am in destructive anger I lash out, I scream, I smash, I hurt. It most often erupts from a place of shame, a place of intense and critical self judgment and I never feel good after going to this place. I often have pieces to pick up and wounds to heal and fall in to further cycles of shame and sadness and self judgment. I have never accomplished anything positive from this place except for self loathing.

When I am in constructive anger I take action, I set boundaries, I hold my lines and I do it while keeping to my truth. It is the energy of a true warrior. It has a code, it has compassion, it has fierce love and it doesn't take any shit. I have done some very powerful things from this place.

When my ire rises, I get to make a choice. Often times I make a bad choice and end up on the destructive side but the more I become aware of the choice I am making and what its end result will be, the more I get to choose for the win."