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artist statement

Agitation is our birthright. Life was never meant to be easy, it was meant to keep us growing. Discomfort is what forces us to adapt, to change, to become something greater than what we were before. Worlds always bump up against each other; it's how new worlds, new realities, are born. It is how this project came to be. It is a space where art, technology, and story intersect.


Myth & Maker is a new kind of breath: The physical is inhaled, the digital is exhaled. The digital is inhaled, the physical is exhaled. It is learning how to occupy both worlds, to fuse them together in ways that are very new and very exciting.


It is an exploration of both the technologies of creative medium and the technologies of delivery. It is the creation, management, and distribution of physical objects and it is the crafting of unique experiences verified by math in virtual worlds. It is the universe and the metaverse, all the things that make up our complex, ever changing existence.


It is a deep dive in to the subconscious mixed with real life experiences and the incredible voyage of synaptic wiring that crafts simple thoughts into complex understandings. It is life long learning, committing to the idea that there is always more to understand, always more to know, always the opportunity to change how the world is perceived.


It is a journey in narrative. It is a revolution in thought process. It makes room for the entirety of our very loose and malleable minds & hearts to coexist with the immutable truths of science & math. It is a creative dance between the subjective and objective.


It is the artist’s story, the artist’s questioning of his story, and the best way he can muster to convey the perfect spark of his existence; to bring the gifts that he is called to bring to this great experiment that is life.

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